(L) JFA/NMAG fitting mounts to artefacts (M) PNG artists and (R) JFA/NMAG installing artefacts in Leaders Meeting Room

The Prime Minister of PNG requested that a collection of important cultural artefacts be identified and displayed within APEC Haus leading up to and during the PNG 2018 APEC Summit.  Oil Search Limited appointed Jim Fitzpatrick Architects (JFA) to work in collaboration with the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) to curate works and design mounts for NMAG artefacts to be displayed at APEC Haus. With the support and approval of the NMAG board and staff a total of 54 artefacts were chosen by the NMAG Head of Anthropology, Ms Grace Vele in conjunction with JFA.  They include some of the artefacts selected for the Western Art Wall of APEC Haus.

Jim Fitzpatrick Architects spent time at NMAG with anthropology and conservation staff measuring and condition checking the chosen artefacts.  JFA custom designed the artefact exhibition display mounts with a mandate that they would be made in Papua New Guinea in order that the experience was retained by local industry.  Steel Industries in Port Moresby were commissioned and successfully translated and fabricated the mount designs.

In order that contemporary art could be displayed, Mr Hillary Miria, the Principle Curator for Contemporary Arts at NMAG, invited and coordinated over forty PNG artists to showcase their works to Jim Fitzpatrick Architects.  Over twenty contemporary artists, 24 tapa works from the Oro Province, and a series of timber carvings were commissioned.  The work will not only showcase PNG artists to the world, but a large royalty will go back to the artists.

In addition to contemporary paintings, one of Papua New Guineas finest wood carvers and his team were commissioned by OSL to produce four feature totem poles (reaching over 6 metres high) that have taken pride of place in the foyer of APEC Haus.  They also carved several large masks that are located in the various breakout areas of APEC Haus.